Sunday, June 30, 2013

Parents of the Year

I don't know what reminded me of this story but I thought I'd share it. It's the story of when Sean and I were parents of the year.

Emily was about 3. She was sweet and innocent and excited about everything the world had to offer.

We took her to a place called Storybook Gardens. It's a little park, obviously with a storybook theme.

I'll be honest, besides the climber and the little splash pad I don't remember much about the place.

Throughout the park there are character statues.  One in particular was a frog with a crown on his head (the Frog Prince, duh!)

It is, in fact, this very statue.

Emily was having a lot of fun, running around, looking at everything, climbing on statues and having a grand old time.

We pointed out the Frog Prince statue to her and said she should go up and say hi to it.

Emily, in all her cuteness ran up to the frog prince statue, stood right in front of him and smiled, the biggest, sweetest, most innocent 3 year old smile you ever saw.

And then we discovered that the Frog Prince was a sprinkler because out of his mouth shot a stream of water - right into Emily's face.

And yet, while Emily sputtered and cried, Sean and I doubled over, laughing. Hysterically. To the point that other parents with their children were looking at us, and judging us as we laughed at our child rather than comforting her .

10 years later I can't think of this visit to Storybook Gardens without laughing - hard. I can still see Emily's sweet face, smiling up at that frog, so innocent and pure and then getting a face full of water. The shock on her face was priceless.

Not to worry dear readers. Emily is not scarred. Well, at least not by the actual Frog Prince incident. Sean and I still laughing at her.....well, she may need therapy for that one day.

****No, in fact, I know she's going to need therapy. I just called her in to see the picture of the Frog Prince that I found. I asked her if she recognized it and Sean squirted her in the face with a water bottle for good measure.

Definitely parents of the year!

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