Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Hell!

Halloween is just around the corner.

I used to love halloween. Now, I simply dread it. For me, halloween has become a nightmare...almost as horrible as shoe shopping for Emily.

Let's examine the selection, shall we?

There's this.......

Or this......

Or even this......

I should mention - these are costumes that are listed in the TEEN girls section. Yep, you read that right. These aren't costumes I found at the Stag Shop. These are costumes from a large chain party store for teens. 

Are you shitting me? Do I want my 13 year old out looking like she's turning tricks for treats? No, not so much.

Now, in the interest of fairness they do carry more appropriate attire.


These are all much more appropriate costumes...with one problem. She's not 5. She doesn't want to be a witch, or a queen. 

Last year she put together a costume from bits and pieces she found at Claire's and was a bumblebee.
This year I think she's settled on an 80's costume - thankfully neon is making a comeback with the kids and it will lessen the financial impact of this costume.

As for me - I ran into the same problem; finding a costume that didn't look like I shopped at Sluts R Us. I'm all for being Superwoman or Bat Girl but if my ass cheeks are showing I'm thinking it's not really kindergarten appropriate.

I've settled on something that will stand the test of time; it will be relevant and appropriate for my job this year and for many many years to come.



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  1. I dont think most girls will need to get a costume-they dress like that anyway (it's horrible!)
    Neon's making a comeback? Really?

    I love the crayon-very cool!