Thursday, November 26, 2009

Letters to heaven

So, as you are mostly all aware yesterday was my dad's 63rd birthday.

We went as a family to the Imperial Buffet (Chinese/Canadian buffet); it was one of my dad's favorite restaurants.

Mary Jo had a hard day yesterday. A lot of weeping and cuddles. She misses him so much.
So yesterday afternoon she decided to write Papa a letter. She told him she missed him, that we all did. She told him we were going out for dinner for his birthday. She asked him if it was fun in heaven.

After she wrote it she asked how he would get it. So I told her we'd mail it. It's now in an envelope that says To Papa in Heaven. She really wanted to put it in the mailbox her self but I wanted to save it in my memory box so that one day when she's older she can have it back. So I told her that I had to check with the post office to see how much postage it would take to get to heaven and would mail it while she was at school.

Never to be without the challenging questions, she asked me how she'd know that Papa got his letter. She didn't think he could write back (a small blessing there, I didn't want her to be disappointed in waiting and don't think it would have been right to fake a letter) So I told her that she'd know Papa got his letter because she would dream about him.
I hope she dreams about him soon.

I called the school yesterday to find out about the Rainbow group. It's a group for bereaved children or those dealing with divorce or other types of loss. Apparently the school isn't running it this year, there wasn't enough demand. Funny, I never got a letter.
Needless to say I'm not impressed.

I think both the kids are dealing with it better but it still breaks my heart to see Mary so sad and missing him so much. I suspect these letters to heaven might get more frequent.

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