Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm having one of those days where I'm feeling angry, sad and sorry for myself. It's because of a dream I had last night. It brought up some bad memories and now I can't shake them.
I went shopping this morning to cheer myself up. I spent too much money of course, on things I really didn't need. I bought some fondant icing. I had a cake mix in the cupboard that I had planned on making for one of my daycare kids for his birthday last month but then I got the flu and ended up giving him a muffin with icing on it because I was too sick to make the cake.
There is no cake eating occasion coming and I'm not even that big of a cake fan but I can't let it sit there and not get used.
So I'm going to try my hand at fondant. I'll be sure to post a pic of the disaster when I'm done!

I also bought some beading wire and clasps and crimps. I made myself a Swarovski crystal necklace after I lost Violet and over the last couple of years it's broken two or three times. So I'm going to fix it ... again. Maybe I'll make it a bracelet this time.

Connor is sick. He's picked up yet another cold from my little daycare baby. At least he's had his shot!

Emily has finally agreed to get her hair cut (I bribed her with money!) So I got the name and address of the place she's going to donate it to and when I get back from Vegas we'll make a date for us to go out to the salon, get her hair done and have lunch. A real girls day out. I'll admit I'm looking forward to that time alone with her. We don't get much of it. I hope she's looking forward to it too.

Mary Jo has gotten past the nightmare/thumb sucking thing. Thank God! She's sleeping better which means so are we!

I should be so much happier today. We have record breaking temperatures outside, I'm smelling cake from the kitchen and I spent the morning shopping.
Tomorrow will be better.

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