Tuesday, August 7, 2012



Yeah, I'm cute!!

How can you not love that little face!!

When I was little I wanted a dog. I wanted to name it BJ. Our neighbours had a Bijon they called BJ and I thought it was the best dog ever.

My Grandma bought me a stuffed Beagle for my first communion and I called it BJ and it went everywhere with me (even to Las Vegas when I was 22....I'll tell ya about that story later)

I still have BJ the Beagle and will never ever part with it.

Last year when we got Chicklets

Sean told the kids we'd get two kittens so they'd be able to play. But when the time came he changed his mind and we came home with just one. We let it slide but over time this lovely kitten grew into a cat and well, he was lonely. I toyed with the idea of letting him out but we live on a main street and I don't want him pancaked. Been there, done that and it wasn't pleasant.

Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago Emily told me  that her friend's Beagle was pregnant.

What?! I could have my very own BJ!!?? 

But alas, Sean is not a fan of dogs. Truth be known, I love dogs but they are a hell of a lot of work and while the idea of a dog seems fun, I'm more inclined to have the lower maintenance pets. But I pushed the dog issue.

Yesterday Sean said "I'd rather have another cat than a dog."

Now, I'm no fool and if he's saying something like that I'm not giving him a chance to change his mind so I immediately got onto Kijiji and found us a kitten. And last night, little Licorice came home.

Chicklets is less than impressed with his new housemate. He caterwauled, he growled, he hissed. He even tried to bat at the kitten a couple of times. But mostly he's just following him around the house, growing at him. Showing him who's boss.  The little guy, who isn't bigger than a handful, hisses back occasionally.  It's really like a house cat hissing at a lion. Cute and not at all frightening.

We're all in love and look forward to the day that Chicklets accepts his new little housemate. Until then, we're keeping a watchful eye.

Oh, have I mentioned I'm allergic to cats? It doesn't bother me with adult cats but with the kittens - when they are up in your arms all the time....yeah, time for a Claritin.

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  1. lol, smart lady!

    I was never allergic to cats but in the last couple of years have had to add them to the ever growing list of things that I'm allergic to. Allergies suck.

    Love the kitten's name!!